Why VR?

We understand the time, energy and resources you have poured into your business; so let VR Business Brokers in Tampa / Apollo Beach help you receive top dollar for your hard work.

We will work with you to determine the right price for your business, provide your business maximum exposure to the right buyers, and help you develop a successful exit strategy to sell your business.

Most other brokers will simply advertise your business on business for sale websites. However we find that advertising alone won’t sell your business. What makes us successful is our access to a global cross section of buyers that we have conducted interviews with in order to determine their specific qualifications.

When we find someone who is a good fit for your business, we will steer them toward it.

This way you get the benefit of advertising and our reach as the global leader in business sales.

Selling a business is a complex process and VR has the expertise, resources and skills to smoothly guide you through all the legal, tax, accounting, regulatory and closing issues that need to be addressed. We will work with you throughout the entire sale process.

VR’s time-tested approach helps to ensure that you make the best decision possible to maximize the proceeds you receive from the sale of your business. When you are ready to make one of your most important decisions, consult VR’s team of expert Business Intermediaries in and around the Tampa and Apollo Beach areas.

Why Use VR To Sell Your Business?

1. Maximum Exposure

The key to selling a business is showing it to the right people at the right time. A larger number of screened individuals seeking to buy your business means a higher price for your business. Through our global database of buyers, our network ofbrokers and our many other marketing avenues, we are able to reach the most eligible buyers for your business. The result of this is that you are more likely to complete the sale of your business and move on to the next chapter of your life.

2. Advertising/Marketing

There are literally thousands of businesses for sale at any given time. Each has its own strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. At VR, we know what buyers are looking for and understand many of the factors that they consider when buying a business. Our business brokers are experts in developing a marketing package that highlights the particular strengths and potential opportunities of your business while minimizing its weaknesses. We will market your business in its best light, and make it stand out from all the rest. We know how, when and where to advertise to attract the right kinds of buyers.

3. Confidentiality

Keeping the fact that you are selling your business confidential is very important. We will market your business without current employees, customers, vendors, or competitors ever being aware that your business is for sale – ensuring that the selling process minimizes the impact on your business. All inquiries and meetings regarding the sale of your business are kept confidential and can be scheduled at your convenience, including in the evenings or on weekends. All prospective buyers will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which prevents them by penalty of law from disclosing any and all information regarding the sale or operations of your business. Everything we do is designed to protect your business interests and your confidentiality.

4. Pre-screen potential buyers

VR screens every potential buyer to ensure that the buyer is ready to buy, has the financial ability to buy, and truly understands and is capable of running the business that is for sale. Bottom line: the buyer has to be a good match for the business. We will not waste your valuable time if the buyer does not meet or exceed the above qualifications. It is our job to sift through all the non-qualified buyers and to pinpoint the best buyer for your business so you can spend your time running your business. This allows you to protect and maintain the value of your business while it’s on the market.

5. Synergy

Our advertising and marketing plan will generate interest, but to sell your businesses, you need experienced business advisors to get potential buyers see the value of your business. We see experienced buyers often buying a different type of business than the listing they were originally interested in. In fact, only about 1% of buyers buy the business they are initially interested in and less than 30% buy the type of business they first tour. VR Business Brookers has access to a global cross section of buyers and we conduct interviews with them to determine their qualifications and use this information to steer them to business that are the perfect fit. This way you get the benefit of more than advertising and marketing, you get sales professionals that hand match buyers to your business.

6. Proven Results

Our proven results can be summed up in a simple statement… VR Business Brokers has sold more businesses globally than anyone on the planet. For further evidence, click here to see a listing of businesses sold and testimonials.

7. Follow-Up

After a buyer has seen your business, it is important to keep the momentum going with the goal of getting the buyer to make an offer. In order to ensure you get offers, we follow-up with the buyers and remind them about the strengths and opportunities your business possess. We will report buyer’s reactions and present all offers to you and inform you how the offer compares with others on the market.

8. Negotiating Power

Our business advisors are experienced negotiators who will fight to ensure you get the most for your business. As a Business Intermediary, we can pursue buyers and encourage them to make a decision without implying in any way that you are anxious to sell. This helps maintain your negotiating position. Every negotiation will include advisors, relatives, etc., who might be negative about some aspect of the proposed deal. We work to defuse those problems without prejudice or emotional attachment that could weaken the final price.

9. Pricing

We have a thorough understanding of the current market climate and can assist you in setting the best possible price for your business. Our business brokers research recent sales histories on similar companies and work with you to determine an unbiased and accurate assessment of your business. Not only do we prevent you from wasting your valuable time due to unrealistic expectations, we also ensure that you don’t undervalue your business. We ensure you don’t overprice and scare off good buyers, or underprice and leave money on the table and use our market knowledge, database and expertise to help convince buyers that your asking price is fair.

10. Deal Making

We work with all parties to help structure transactions that minimize problems. When selling your business, there will be advisors who will all have opinions for the buyer and the seller to consider. We use our experience from our previous sales and industry knowledge to recommend terms that are based on research and data to minimize problems. We help buyers put together their offer to purchase, in an appropriate format, which is usually accompanied by a deposit and information about the buyer. We will counsel you on your options of accepting, countering or rejecting the offer and on what needs to be completed before closing can take place. We will coordinate with all parties to keep the process moving to a closing in a timely manner.

11. Closing

VR will lead you step-by-step through the sales process – from offering tips on preparing your business for sale, to providing the necessary paperwork, to coordinating due diligence, all the way through to helping structure, negotiate and close the deal. In addition, there are always issues that can arise during the selling process. Our business brokers are experts in helping you and your advisors quickly resolve problems that arise during the process.

There are many ways to structure a deal. It’s not just a discussion of price, and terms. There are many legal, accounting, tax, and other related issues that have to be considered. VR has the expertise and experience to help you structure the deal so that it is right for you.

12. Risk Free

We research your business, assess the value of your business, help you get the business ready for sale, advise you on pricing, prepare a marketing package, advertise your business, interview buyers, negotiate and help you close the sale of your business for top dollar. We do all this at no fee unless a buyer is found at the price and terms in your listing contract.

For five decades we have carefully advised owners, all the while sticking to this process in order to help ensure you get the best deal for your business. The results have seen VR Business Brokers sell more businesses than anyone on the planet.

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