Donna Rayburn

Donna Rayburn

Donna Rayburn

Business Broker Associate

Personal Experience

After graduating from the University of Florida with an accounting degree, Donna Rayburn worked for Deloitte, a public accounting firm. She was offered the opportunity to work in the Internal Audit Department at the Walt Disney World Resort. She was promoted to Business Manager at the Magic Kingdom theme park which was her most favorite role of her career. She was promoted to Walt Disney World’s Corporate Alliances Department, generating sponsorship income with strategic partners.

Donna later pivoted to working at a local accounting firm where she felt she could have a direct impact to assist small business owners maximize their profitability. She worked as the Marketing Director and Senior Accountant with Professional Accounting & Consulting Services, Inc. She specialized in business tax planning and preparation, monthly accounting, sales and payroll tax returns and a lot of small business consulting. Whether someone was starting a business or already owned a business, she ensured that her clients understood their finances so they could make the most beneficial business decisions.

Donna started Rayburn Business Strategies, a fractional CFO firm, in 2014 to provide solid, affordable financial consulting to small business owners. She strives to understand her clients’ goals so that she is the business owners’ “go to” person for advice when making significant financial and operational decisions for their business. She has years of experience in providing financial due diligence for buyers purchasing a business and has helped numerous business owners excel to the next level by successfully obtaining financing to continue their growth.

She now offers business brokerage services for business owners in Florida who are ready to sell their business. Whether a business owner wants to retire or is burned out, Donna works to connect the right buyer for the business.

If a business owner wants to expand their presence by purchasing another company, Donna works to find a business that fits their criteria and facilitate the purchase.

Donna also assists businesses and people interested in purchasing a business in Florida. Because of her experience in providing due diligence services for buyers, she educates buyers to find and purchase a business that meets their specifications.


Other News

In 2009, Donna wrote and published a children’s book called “I Accidentally,” about a young boy who gets distracted during story time at school. Donna also has experience in advertising sales and in the writing staff of a community newspaper. She grew the newspaper in both pages and readership over her years there.

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